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Mounted Offset Disc Harrow M.F.

Mounted Offset Disc Harrow has important significance in the agricultural firm. It is a type of disc harrow that is widely used for breaking the roots. It also helps in airing the soil and eliminating the weeds. It is needed for superficial ploughing in open farm. It’s other advantages are burial of organic substance, soil preparation for sowing. It works on very high speed and can be used in both light and medium soil. Angle can be changed according to our need.

Mounted Offset Disc Harrow provided by our company works efficiently. Its design and manufacturing has been taken into proper care by our expert professionals. Our company provides affordable and cost effective. Mounted Offset Disc Harrow machine. These products have undergone all the security checks .They are durable and persistent and work with no difficulty. The services provided by our company are responsive.
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