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Disc Plough

Disc plough is used for cultivation of soil where plants are grown. It’s another use is to remove unwanted weeds and crop remainders. Disc ploughs has iron and steel disc which are slightly concave in nature. It has 4 sections and appears to form an “X”. It is mounted to the tractor used for preparation of land. It is very useful in dry and harsh land conditions and where scouring is a problem. It works on both sides that are both left and right. While ploughing , it automatically reverses its position thus saving time and consumption of diesel. It is more apt for big portions of land especially in rocky agricultural land. Mouldboard plough can work with any kind of soil whether it is tougher or simpler. With the help of this plough, ploughing work can be done easily. It has resistant steel bottoms with bar points so that toughest ploughing work can be done easily.

Our company provides great quality of discs plough that is persistent and capable of doing large amount of work. We manufacture greater quality of ploughs which are widely used in agricultural farming for the soil cultivation .Our company uses superior quality raw materials and equipments .These disc ploughs have resistive steel bottoms so that they can do ploughing job easily. We have all varieties of plough like disc plough, agricultural plough, disc plough tubular, agricultural disc plough and mouldboard plough. We provide quality products to ensure the best range for our customers. Moreover, these products have undergone proper quality and safety checks according to various parameters.
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