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Cultivator MF Type

Cultivator is a farm implement which is mainly used for tillage. Cultivator is used for pulverizing and stirring the soil. It is used at both times. Firstly when we have not plant the crop. At that time it is used to aerate the soil so that a smooth and loose seedbed can be prepared. Secondly when we have plant the crop. At that time it can be used to kill weeds. They are not like harrows which disturbs the whole surface of soil. They are designed in such a way that they disturb the coil in a careful pattern, leaving the crop plants disrupting the soil.

Basically cultivators are self-propelled or can be carried out with two-wheel tractor or four-wheel tractor. In two wheel tractors they are fixed rigidly and connected to the tractor’s transmission through coupling. In four wheel tractors they are connected by three-point hitch and driven by power take-off. Industrial cultivators have a great importance in today’s agricultural farming. They have great size and shape. They are equipped with hydraulic wings which make it easier to travel on road safely. They are used in preparation of field and for the control of weed before and after planting. Field cultivators are used in tillage operations. It’s function is to prepare a seedbed for the crop.

Our company provides quality of cultivators that can perform variety of task. The cultivators provided by us perform every work perfectly with no difficulty. Our product range is cost effective and accurate. We have expert professionals who have expertise in providing greater quality of cultivators .The cultivators provided by us are more persistent and durable. We provide greater quality of raw material and equipments that are used in the manufacturing of cultivators. We provide quality of products to meet the customer’s need. Moreover, these products have undergone proper quality and safety checks according to various parameters.

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