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Chaff Cutter

Chaff cutter is a device which is used for cutting straw or hay into tiny and smaller pieces so that they can be mix with other forage and can be fed to cattle and horses. It is a good fodder and helps in digestion of animal .Chaff and hay has a great significance in agricultural production because it’s a food for animals like horses which were very important in agricultural farming at that time.

Chaff cutters have transformed into commercial standard machines from the early basic machines. They can work at various speeds and can cut any length of the chaff as according to the type of animal. Now a day portable tractor driven chaff cutters are used which can be used in field. Chaff cutter plays an important role in the life of the farmer.

Our company provides great quality of chaff cutters that are persistent and capable of doing large amount of work. The variety of chaff cutters provided by us performs hassle free operations and works perfectly. Our product range is cost effective and accurate. We have a great team of qualified and expert professionals who have expertise in providing greater quality chaff cutter.

The chaff cutters provided by us are more reliable and durable than any other company. They are suitable for chopping hay and oat-straw which are useful for preparing raw material for the food industries. The materials and equipments we used in the manufacturing of the chaff cutters are of superior quality.

These can be made into various designs and shape as per the requirement of the customer. We provide quality products to ensure the best range for our customers. Moreover, these products have undergone proper quality and safety checks according to various parameters.

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